G22 cuts out when it warm up and dies


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2006 G22, runs good when cold, after about 1/2 mile it begins to cut out then dies. I can put it into neutral rev it then get it going again. I then go a few hundred feet then the same cutting out and dies, sometimes I get a backfire too. Eventually it won't run until cool.

I checked all gas lines, replaced the vacuum line, cleaned the carb, put in new plug and filter.

Any suggestions?


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What did the plug look like when you took it out? I would say ignition, but that wouldn't allow ya to rev in neutral and go again. Look at the choke cable, make sure it ain't hung up. Also, for the price of a spark plug, change it again.


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Solved the problem, it was starving for gas.
The vacuum hose was smashed under the airbox, re-routed it and runs perfect.