G202 barely pulls hills


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Greetings all,
I have a mobile small engine repair business and have had several calls
for cart service. I've done a couple gassers, tune ups, brakes ect.
Today I was on a ezgo elec. G202 ser 1503564 C/O won't pull hills like it used to.
& beeps.
I have found some great info on testing systems, self test ect.
So I have some work to do, now that I have a better idea what I'm looking at
What I found so far:
Batteries were short of water, each was around 6.1 volts. When I load tested them
they went down to 4.5 to 5 volts then right back to 6 unloaded.
Some corrosion, three cable ends needed
Across the batteries I get 36.7 volts.
But Pos to ground I get an intermittent 22 - 36 volts.
Well I'll be busy for a bit.



Welcome to the forum...

Sounds like a bad connection and weak batteries. Fully charged you should be seeing 6.35-6.40 volts per battery 1-2 hours after a complete charge. If the plates were exposed your voltage reading may go up after a few charge cycles depending on age and condition of the batteries. The intermittent voltage sounds like you still have a bad/dirty connection or cable somewhere...