g2 starter generator


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A friend just bought a 1988 yamaha. I'm the designated mechanic. I need to familiarize myself with this cart. Right now it won't start. When she turns the key and hits the accelerator there is a selenoid like clicking. I had her put a charger on the battery overnight but it still only clicks. I'll stop by to look at it in a day or two. I'm a retired auto mechanic with a full set of snap on tools and lots of test equipment. Any basic suggestions for one of these. Does the generator/starter work by reversing the polarity? Any other quirky things handy to know about these? We're a two day drive south of the border in Mexico so we need to do most repairs ourselves or make do. Back to basics. Thanks for any help.


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i would take a heavy wire or jumper cable and jump the solenoid on the two large lugs and see if it turns over. if so a new golf cart solenoid should fix it, if not then start checking grounds and connections, try to rotate the engine with the pedal pushed in case there is a dead spot in the starter. sometimes tapping the starter will loosen a stuck brush.


Most likely if the solenoid checks out these were famous for starter brushes and harness ground wire problems.

The starter brushes wear out.

If you can buy a set for a g-1 (much harder for 2 stroke running at 8500rpm).