G2 questions


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ive got a g2 in the works of lifting.. front is about complete (went six inches) doing the back soon as time allows will try to post pics.. also have 20 hp twin kohler to install.. the shaft is 1 1/8 keyed im planning on using 94c with stock driven.. without calling comet does anyone know the center to center with stock belt and what kinda offset if i should have one..need to get started on the mounting but only want to do it once.. thanx (need help with how to post pics???)


Welcome DMO , most of the gas guys are gone for the weekend. All will be back sunday night. This forum has a lot of guys that have cottages, camps etc. Or hot girlfriends, not sure. If its hot to trot ladies i am jealous.


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I put an 18 into my cart with a comet clutch. I do not remember the number off hand. My advice to you is that you wait until Monday and call Comet.
I was dumb enough to think I could find a belt for my center to center. No way. Had to redo the job. Just had to elongate the holes a bit, but still.
Just clean and paint something on the cart tomorrow.

By the way, welcome.