G2 mods


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New to the cart game. I have a 1990 g2 with a 3 in lift. I am looking at the Jakes long travel kit. I see most off you suggest Allsports but they do not have pricing on their items. Both kits are American made. Is one really that much better than the other?

Also, has any one used Plowman products? Is the muffler switch worth the money? Is their clutch a good swap or do you know off other suppliers?.

The cart is not running the best now and it to dern cold to do an excessive test run. I will will be doing a compression check when my son is available to help. It also leaks oil like an old H.D. Performance Golf Carts has a rebuild kit for $200. 50 mm over piston so that increases cc from 285 to? If I rebuild and add 22" tires what can I expect in speed?