G16 wont work when wheels are on the ground


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Hey Guys

So i have a g16a i believe. Its a 4 stroke gas. Everything works and runs as expected with the rear wheels in the air. As soon as its under load (wheels on the ground) it surges and jolts. Any ideas on where to start? thanks.


If it runs bad under a load it is either weak spark or poor gas flow.

Check all electrical plugs ( igniter box, etc.)
Replace the plug with an ngk b4.

Replace the gas filter or clean the main jet inside the carb if it runs better with the choke on.

Also check the fuel pump hose going to the engine crankcase and make sure there is NO gas in that hose. (pulses from engine drive pump)

make sure the engine is grounded to the control harness. (run a wire from the valve cover to the battery negative terminal. ( this works on all the yamahas that lose the ground to the engine)


Glad to hear you found the problem. Thanks for the follow up.


The weights are 30.00 each x 3

You also will need to replace 3 short pins and 3 long pins

The set screws that hold the pins in place have blue loc-tite on them.
You will need to heat them up in order to get them loose.

If you don`t heat them up you will ruin the set screws and you
won`t be able to get them out.

You don`t need to replace the clutch cover just straighten it out. (bulge
from a weight coming through)

These clutches only lasted 6 months past the yamaha warranty (3years).

You are lucky The cart didn`t move. If you ran this cart the engine
would spin a rod bearing sooner or later. I have seen this several times.