G16 New Drive Belt


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Our G16 had great acceleration and was the fastest thing around. It is bone stock. It had the an older drive belt on it and for some odd reason we replaced it last week with a new one from Yamaha. It has lost its pepp. The acceleration is not near as strong and the top end isn't there anymore either. It almost has the same top end but not quite. The old belt is about (1) inch wide and the new one (1 1/4) inch wide. Will the old 1 inch wide belt cause the drive clutch to come together to much and overextend the clutch weights inside or cause some other damage to the clutch or anything else? And does anyone know why the new belt has created this dilemna? Thanks John


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The belt is a #1339. 1-3/16 wide x 39 long. Exact factory replacement. Its not to short or to tight, but it is stiffer of course because it is a new belt.
Will it hurt anything to continue running the old belt like letting the clutch weights overextend??
Thanks John


1" wide on the old belt is pretty thin. You should give Tom at CartPartsPlus a call and he can tell you everything you need to know about Yamaha clutches.