G16 Charging Problem


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I have a Yamaha gas G16 that I not getting any charge back to the battery. The battery test at a little over 12 volts with the engine off, but when I run the engine the battery level slowly drops until it is dead. I have changed the brushes on the starter/generator, changed the battery, replaced the armature and replaced the coltage regulator with no luck. I can take the voltage regulator completely off and the battery does charge, but when I let of the gas the charge jumps up to dangerous levels for a second or two....also, when everything is hooked up correctly the headlights dim when I give the cart gas and brighten up when I let off the gas.

Help me!


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If it charges without the voltage regulator hooked up I'd say it's either a bad regulator, not wired correctly or a bad/broken wire...