G14 gas pedal will NOT start the cart


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My G14A cart will NOT start when I step on the gas pedal. I thought that it was the solenoid so I replaced it and it still has the exact same problem ? If I force start it by jumping the solenoid it runs fine BUT then it will NOT shut off. If it is the start /stop switch where is it located ? Any suggestions. I sort of like it this way because it idles very low and runs great ! I am thinking of putting a switch on the solenoid so that I can manually start it by applying 12V to pull in the solenoid by hand instead of with my foot.

Any suggestions ?


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The switch is under the floor by the gas pedal.
I'm not much of a cart guru, but I would check the micro switch that is first actuated when the pedal is depressed. It's what gives you that little click when the engine starts to turn over. If you trace your accelerator linkage to an electronic switch, it should be the first one you come to. The throttle cable should not move the butterfly in the carb until the engine is turning. That click is what closes the loop to send power to the ignition and spin the starter/gen.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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Hi Guys,

I am NOT to keen on fixing this problem BUT I am baffled as to how the golf cart shuts off when the gas pedal is released. If you look at the wiring diagram the gas pedal when depressed supplies voltage to the solenoid which then starts the engine. However, when the gas pedal is let go there is still voltage on the very same wire because it is wired to the generator. If thats the case the golf cart will run forever, unless I am missing something here ? The only thing I really want to do now is put a momentary toggle going from the battery to the R/W lead on the solenoid to start the cart. The problem is how do I stop the engine when I want to stop it. I guess its going to have to disconnect something somewhere momentarily . I love that the cart starts right up and idles so damn low !


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under the floor mat is a plate that pulls off! Undernthis plate you will find a sitch that is activated by the gas pedal--this switch is bad-broken-or stuck. Just replace and adjust and off you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!