G14 electrical issue


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Ok so the cart stopped running and I have narrowed it to the following circumstances.

It has no response from the gas peddle being pushed with the key on. Battery is charged, negative and positive terminals tight and clean. Micro switch shows continuity when released (peddle pushed) I am showing 12.5 volts into the switch on the brown wire, but nothing out on the red/white wire. when removing the harness and jumping the terminals, interestingly enough the cart still does not start and the voltage dissipates.

I jumped the solenoid directly from the battery to the terminal that the red/white wire feeds and the cart will start and run with the key on or off.

I disconnected the wiring harness at the peddle and applied voltage to the red/white wire and the cart will run. Even though I have voltage at the brown wire it will not make the thing go even when jumpered to the red/white wire bypassing the switch.

It seems like it is not carrying enough amps in the brown wire to run the thing. O and to complicate things after some fussing last night and checking all this is started running. Made three loops around the yard and then dead again. Can't figure out what the hell the deal is.

I am suspecting that something in the ignition switch is shorting out? It shows volts but grounds when it needs any significant amps.