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I bought a old yamaha G1 with utility dump bed. added a working battery some good gas and 2cycle oil and she fired right up. problem is she doesnt move. the belts are turning and the slide pulley is moving in and out but the tires dont turn. i also noticed there is no whinning of the gears when it is pushed around the driveway in gear. anybody have ideas whether it is the clutch or the rear end.
Also cant find the year and model number any where. ive looked in every place i could find to look. any other way to find out the year?


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Yamaha golf carts Model G1 serial numbers can be found under the rear bumper stamped into the square cross member of the frame. Post the serial number and we can tell you what year the G1 is.


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jack the rear end up and try running the cart see if wheels attempt to turn...........could be frozen brake cables or a brake shoe so eliminte them before clutches its a lot cheaper and takes 1/2 hour....................................................


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Took your advice and jacked up the rear end. look what i found. ID NUMBER J10-017017. i beleive thats a 1980 g1. was hidden under the utility bed that was added to it
After that i hit the gas to try and spin wheels. they both seem to spinn extremely slow. im thinkin it was the vibratiuon from the motor. no frozen brakes or cables.
decide to take the rearend of and start gettin into it. i take of the passenger side wheel and axel and that looks fine. so i do the same to the other side. WOW look at that the axel is broken in half on the inside at the bearing weld. dont know how the person before me did it but she was broke clean in half. replaced the axle and and hit the gas and off we went.