G1 stereo installation


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Just got a 1985 gas-powered G1. It has holes for a stereo. I would like to install an amplifier/mp3 unit with speakers, but don't know how to wire it. I don't want to risk running down the battery. Do these carts have some sort of alternator/generator that recharges the battery? Any suggestions on how to wire a stereo to a gas cart? Thanks, in advance, for the help!


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Yes the carts starter is also a generator so you can wire the radio just like you would in a car. As long as the amp isn't a high watt amp you should be fine.


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I have a 84 g1. I want to put a stereo in, could you post some pix of where you are mounting it. that would be great.

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Make sure you do not ground the battery to the frame when installing lights and radios.

If you bypass the ground fuse and the starter shorts out you will burn the cart to the ground and or at least melt the entire wire harness.

I have seen this too many times.