G1 brake shoe spring


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I am in dire need of one lower brake shoe return spring for my G1 cart. I have shopped every where on line but can only find the upper return spring. Can anyone here help? thanks. Tim


This is what it shows in my parts book:

OEM #90506-20281-00
For Gas and Electric G1(1982-up)
G2,G8,G9 up to 1992
3-1/4" Brake shoe return spring used for either upper or lower.

But, it also shows this:

OEM #90506-26191-00
For Gas and Electric G1,G2,G8,G9 up to 1992
3-3/4" brake shoe return spring used as both upper and lower.

One is 3-1/4" and the other is 3-3/4". The wording in the book doesnt really make sense but mabye this will help.