G1 2 stroke oil pump problem


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I recently had a customer who insisted on having the oil pump changed on his '79 (?) G1 2 stroke. I ordered it from Yamaha since I couldn't convice him to eliminate it. We changed it and now I haven't been able to get it primed. I have oil down to the pump, oil to the bleeder screw, but then I spun it over a good bit and never saw oil in the line to the carburetor. I called HRC, and he suggested putting mixed gas in the tank and leaving the line loose. I ran it like that for probably 10 minutes, and I still haven't seen any oil in the line to the carburetor. This is a new official Yamaha part. Any ideas, anyone? I need help ASAP. Thanks :thumbsup: :hattip:


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The plot thickens.... I was on BGW and saw that it is sometimes helpful for 2 strokes that run poorly ( like this one) to "roast" the muffler and burn the oil out of it. This one was blowing out chunks of oil in puddles before changing the oil pump. I pulled the muffler, got it pretty hot over a fire in a barrel, I could see some of the oil burning off in the muffler, as flames were shooting out the header pipe. I reinstalled it, and it wouldn't even try to run again..... uh oh. :rolleyes: I assume some of the carbon/oil chunks have clogged up the muffler now, not allowing the exhaust gases through...? Any ideas on the muffler? I don't have a cutting torch and welder handy, or I could cut the end off, clean it out, and re-weld..... I wonder if I could blow through it with air? :dazed:


If your going to do the muffler BBQ you need to burn it in a fire for a couple hours or more. Don't move it until the fire is out the muffler is cooled off. Also make sure the butterfly in the exhaust pipe is moving freely or take it out and throw it away.
You can try starting it with the pipe unbolted from the head. If it starts you know for sure the muffler is plugged...


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yep, ya gotta cook it good and hot for a few hrs. i get a fire goin' and let it get a bed of coals then ya poke em nice and flat, lay it on and then surround with wood and let yer go. there will be some clinkers but most will turn to ash and blow out with air :twocents:


There should be a bleeder screw phillips head to bleed the pump. (newer style)

You will fall asleep before you see oil come out of the hose to the carb.

These carts will run all summer on a tank of oil just about.

I have never had a problem with these and don`t mess with them unless I have a lack of lube issue with the engine.

I think I had 3 or 4 out of over 1000s and those were rubbed or other hose problems. I had one with a bad gear.