G-9 backfiring thru the carb


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I bought a G-9 that didn't run, proceeded to determine that the CID box and coil were bad, so I replaced them. Got the thing to run. Then my buddy rewired the whole cart because someone had butchered the wiring. Replaced the voltage regulator that was missing and it ran perfect. He was running it for about five minutes checking that the voltage reg. was working and everything else was fine when it suddenly shut off. He assumed it ran out of gas. I added gas and now when I try to start it it backfires thru the carb? Also I had to replace the throttle cable and there is this double spring back at the Gov. cold someone tell me where I could find a pic to know I put it back together correctly?


1) run a ground wire from the (-) battery terminal to the valve cover bolt.

2) check the intake manifold for crack (spray either).

3) These engines have a very weak spark. swap the b5 ngk for a 4 or hotter.

4) If the airbox lid is off the cart will run lean and backfire through carb.

5) Make sure exhaust pushrod did not fall off. (rare)

6) The rear end should just have the two cables going to the governor arm if I remember correctly the spring may be on the cable from the gas pedal to the rear end only.

If you run these carts fast it will pump all the engine oil into the airbox and plug up the air filter.


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So your telling me that the engine is like my Harbor Freight go kart engine cause it won't run either when you pull the air cleaner off!