G-14 Piston Rings


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Got a 300cc. g-14 6 inch lift 22 inch tires. Started smokeing oil out tailpipe after 2 months upon removeing govner. Pulled motor out sent out for bore 025. over. New rings, poston,seals, gaskets, valve seal, ect.. Put overflow bottle on valvercover vent to capture oil being pumped out at high rev. Made a gravity pitch so at low rpm, the oil drained back into motor thru valvecover. I mean this would pump out 1/2 quart of oil in a 300 yard blast. Crankcase had high pressure when running so Put a vent bottle on the fill plug to lessin oil pumped out thru valve cover.3 months later, started smokeing again, removed motor, replaced rings again, put a slight pitch on oil splash spoon for more splash effect on cylender wall, and assembled with new gaskets. Ran 2 months, started smokeing again, replaced head with brand new head, valves, valve seal, and all head gaskets. Diden't make a diffrence. upon startup..Smoked. So I conclude I am whiteing the cylender wall during revs or scrapeing the oil off the wall faster than its getting lubed, causeing oil ring to fail. Cylender looked good, all rings looked fine when torn down. At a loss here. Not driving like a idiot either, just offroading.. Boreing was done professionally. HELP!!



How much oil are you running in it? I know on the club car and ezgos the dipsticks read wrong if the cart has a lift installed.


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I'm running the standard 1 quart. The motor doesn't look tilted so bad I'd get a bad reading.. This next time around, I was going to run 2 quarts of oil to improve my oiling effect.
Do NOT run 2 quarts unless you want to ruin the engine, air filter, and other things.

Yamaha engineered it and they know what it needs. 1 quart is the MAXIMUM you want because the slightest bit over will end up in your air filter box.

All you need to do is run one quart of Mobil1 Fully Synthetic 5W-40 and you will be A-OK.

From where did you get the rings? If you got them from Buggies Unlimited, then I can assure you you got the absolute lowest quality, poorly constructed, cheap, inferior, deficient, appalling, pathetic, lousy excuses for rings you could ever hope to not get.

Don't support BU! They sell stuff that puts people between rocks and hard places, and some of it has even gotten people hurt (lift kits, etc...).
LMAO! Hey Pornoman, how are you doing? I haven't talked to you in quite some time.

BU is the gonnosyphilidia of the cart part world. You won't know you're screwed until it's too late.


Do you have any proof of these accusations about Buggies Unlimited? Or do you just dislike them? I'm a member on several other forums and I've seen you post these kind of statements numerous times but never see any facts to back them up. No I don't work for BU and I'm not looking to start any trouble here but if your going to make these statements could you provide some information as to where we can see evidence of them. If not then maybe you should go play somewhere else.
I just came back from a hiatus, but I can leave just as quickly and go play somewhere else.

I work on carts for a living. I don't carry a camera around taking pictures of all the things I see. But, what do I see? I see suspensions fail because of BU parts. Their lift kits are junk and wear out EXTREMELY quickly. Their carburetors are nightmares. I saw one that didn't even have a main jet in it. Their tune-up kits are junk as well. A person had a Club Car and the oil filter they got was tapped by some odd thread that would never screw onto anything. Someone with a Yamaha received an air filter with media one could see through for their G9. Shall I go on? Tires are out of round, and rims have shoddy chrome. Solenoids work a few times and then die. Bumpers don't fit even remotely, and seat covers have the crappiest stitching I've ever seen. Need I go on? I have more, but I'm tired of typing for what I feel will have no effect on someone; it will go in one eye and out the other.

But what the hell do I know, I only work on these things all the time for a living.


Alright here's my stand on this.

No No, anyone who's been around the forums for a while knows you hate BU. From what I recall your falling out with them was due to being questioned on your technical knowledge not the quality of their parts. That beef is between you and them. I do agree that some of the parts they sell are of lower quality but they do have a lot of good parts also. Your opinions are welcome here but I would appreciate it VERY much if you not bash on BU or any other company here, opinions are fine bashing is not. Why BU was even brought up in this thread I don't understand. I see no mention of rings or anything else from BU in Mwuotis post. If you want to review something you've actually used your more than welcome. If you want to suggest a better alternative to anyone that's fine also. But PLEASE don't bring up a company that has no bearing on a thread if your going to bash them.



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Any high school kid that can make a living working on carts is OK in my book!
My hats off to you!