Fuel in airbox

I just got back from our weekend camping trip (Peace River for you Floridians). In taking off the airbox I noticed a puddle of fuel right below the carb. The vent tube above the carb in the airbox appears dry. The cart runs great and with the lift kit and bigger tires there wasn't much I couldn't climb up or over. I do run the 1 inch shorter drive belt. The carb has a 90 main jet in it in place of the stock 48. I'm thinking maybe the float needs adjustment or maybe the valves? But it runs real well.

Your thoughts?


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i would say if the float was off it would be leaking out the over flow tubes, your on the right track with valve adjustment


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id say put the stock jet back in and see what it does, i have 22x11.00-10 on my "06" st sport II cart and it hauls dupa,