fuel delivery 93 par car


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I have a 93 par car gas 2 stroker. Got my ignition module replaced and electrical system is back online. (See earlier thread) Now, I'm working on the fuel system. When the fuel system is good and primed up, I can put the ignition in forward, and the engine fires right up. However, right after doing that and running it for a while, I can stop the motor, put the switch in reverse, and the thing stumbles all over itself trying to start. I've found that if I choke the heck out of it, it will eventually take off. Why do I have to choke it to start in reverse, and not in forward. I'm confused.
Thanks in advance for the help. Oh, and also, I need a new oring for the carb fuel bowl, and am thinking of taking the carb off for a good cleaning. Does a gasket kit come with the o ring for the carb and an intake gasket? Or can I get these two pieces by themselves? Thanks again.