front end allignment


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So can any of you well seasoned cart wrenches please enlighten me on this ??

Ever since day one of getting my 1996 ds, i noticed front tire outer edge tire wear. So while i have it in my shop for the winter, i'd like to line things up.

So this is what i see. With the steering wheel straight, the tires aren't straight.Faceing the cart, the right tire is towed to the right and so is the left.The small tierod end is brand new and it appears the guy who did the job didn't bother to line things back up...

My question: Where's the best place to go get my adjustment ? The long connecting rod that's across the the spindles, or the short tierod end connected to the steering box?

Thanx for any tips !..



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the short tie rod that goes to the steering box will adjust where the steering wheel sits and the long one that connects to the spindles will adjust the tow


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Thanx Nubs...

So i guess i just loosen each end of the long t-rod and adjust one side at a time..?

Then centre the s-wheel if needed after ?


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well i'm not a club car guy but most setup's have left and right hand threads on the tie rods, meaning if you loosen the lock nuts you can rotate the center of link. one way will tow out and the other way will tow in.
then go back and set the steering wheel.


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Rotate the tires front to back often. There is "0" caster on the DS so regular turning on hard surfaces will cause the outside to wear.