Front End Alignment


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I just installed a 3" RHOX spindle lift on my cart and can't seem to get the front end aligned.
I have researched this forum and others and am pretty sure I understand the basics of how to do the alignment but after a few hours of adjusting and test driving I am frustrated at the moment.

Each time I think I have the toe in adjusted I take it for a slow ride and when I turn (from the stone drive to the paved road) something feels funny and the pass front wheel is turned way in again.

Also, there doesn't seem to be enough of an adjustment to set the camber. I loosen the 4 bolts, loosen the lock nut and the adjusting bolt only moves the springs about an 1/8" to maybe 3/16" in or out which doesn't even allow the tires to be adjusted to vertical. They still are leaning out at the top. (FYI, I even put the front end on a piece of plywood with grease under each tire to allow the bottom of the tires to move easier)

I appreciate any help resolving this issue as the daughter really wants to ride this cart in the community parade this weekend and I just hate to let her down......