Front End Alignment Procedure After Golf Cart Lift Kit Install


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I installed a 5-7" drop axle lift on my 98 EZGO golf cart. I need to align the front end and wanted to see if anyone had a good procedure they could share on how to do the front end alignment. The starting point is my hang-up as the front axle is wider and sticks out farther than the back axle so I can't use the axles together to get them straight to the front.

Here is a pic of the work in progress:



The cart is lookin' good. :thumbsup:

To set the toe measure across the front and rear of the front tires center to center. You want 1/16" to 1/8" of toe in so you need 1/16" to 1/8" less on the front center to center measurement.


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When you say center to center i'm alittle confused. I understand that I should compare measurements from the front and rear vertical sides of the tires; should I be pulling the measurement from the center line of the tire? Is that what you mean by center to center?