Freedom, Speed, Hill Chips???


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Hello, I have a 2004 EZ-GO TXT with the foward/reverse switch on the dash (I hear it makes a difference).... Will the chips work in my cart?

Is the Freedom/Speed chip the same thing?



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Yes and Yes. The f/r on the dash is a pds cart. The freedom chip is the speed chip. Put toggle switch on the contoller cover to tow/maint, remove the cover and install the chip.


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Can anyone post a pic as to install or what it looks like. I have a 2000 PDS , I am assuming because the F/R switch is in dash. The previous owner ( I am second owner) already installed a lift kit, bigger tires and radio etc. I dont know if my cart already has a chip in it. Thanks



You can put the cart in diagnostic mode and the beeps will tell you which plug is installed. The instrutions are on the controller cover or you can find them here in the resource forum.

Or remove the controller cover and you'll see the plug on the controller.


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good sketch, not only a do it yourself job, looks like that you could make a widget to switch from one to the other , I like it, THANKS


It's very easy to make your own. You can pop the pins out of the plug and move them to the desired holes. You can buy the different plug setups from any EZGO dealer for about $10.00. Or use toggle switches and get all the settings by flipping the toggles.