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New to the golf cart world and have a question or three. I have an 01 TXT PDS 36 volt with the freedom chip. One of the ads for it says it elimates the engine braking, but when going down hill it feels like the cart slows almost like it downshifts if it was a car. Is this normal for a chipped cart?
The cart is used mainly on roads around the hilly community I live in and will be on the golf course this spring. What are the benefits of upgrading the wires, controller, or doing a 48v conversion, and a can anyone give me a rough estimate of the costs of them.
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Its normal. they sell a freedom chip, to remove that. if thats, what your looking for. it a simple plug and play item. for under $20.00 dollars. the freedom plug is under the run/tow switch cover. passanger side of the cart. just my


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It's not really a chip, it's a plug with connections on it that set the controller on certain parameters.
In order to make sure that the "chip" is doing what it is supposed to you need to turn the run tow switch to tow wait a minute and then back to run.
Here's what the chip looks like:

No jumper wire (chip) eliminates the regen braking but just moves the speed it activates at.

If you have a volt meter hooked up when you go down a very steep hill and hit 20 MPH you will see the voltage increase that is then charging your batteries.

When the regen kicks in that is what can limit your top speed.

Download the owners, parts and repair manuals from this site free and the details are explained.
We just got our 2007 PDS EZGO in Jan. They are awesome carts.


In other words, the ad you read about it eliminating the engine braking was false. The Freedom chip will just reduce the engine braking to the least amount.