Free Anti Virus Software???


Can anyone recommend a free anti virus program? Ive been using Norton Anti Virus but I heard it really slows down a computer and Im tired of paying the update fee. Its expires in a few days and Id like to find a free virus scanner.


I use the free version of AVG for virus protection. It works well and has never failed me.


SpyBot Search and Destroy

All of these are free and work VERY GOOD. Make sure you use the check for updates on all three before running them. If you have any questions about the three programs let me know.


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I also use the AVG software and Spybot has always got great reviews. You can read the reviews at CNET. I think they also have links there also.


Thank you for the links. I got rid of Norton and installed AVG anti virus
I just downloaded the other two programs and I'll try them out.


I've been using the free additions of AVG, AdAware, SpyBot and quite a few other free programs for years with no problem at all. This site was built and is maintained with free editors...

I've cleaned up the messes that Norton and McAfee have made on friends and family computers many times...

Some free stuff is very good some isn't.

What free stuff have you had problems with?

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I'm a big fan of AVG Free and Ad Aware Free. I've never tried Spybot but I'll check it out. I've seen the damage caused by Norton System Works and Norton Internet Security on many PC's.


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I Use AVG ans Spy Bot Have Been realy happy with them used the AVG to clean up a computer i had Norton on found several viruses that Norton missed


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I have used AVG for years. When I got this puter, I tried to get it and could only find a pay version. I will have to use your link Rod. Thanks in advance.


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I used AVG free for a couple of years and my company now sends it out on the new units instead of Norton. I upgraded to AVG 8.0 this past summer just to be safe, Trojan Horse Anti Virus 2009 Pro got by it about a month ago and caused me all kid of hell. I had to buy live support from AVG for $129 to get it off of my computer. They (AVG) logged in on my unit and for three hours they ran test, deleted items and cleaned files, I haven't had a problem since (keeping my fingers crossed)

Dell try to get rid of it and ended up telling me I had to do a complete re-install to where my computer was on day 1. I had to many work files to do this, the $129 was worth it to me.


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if you look around and google nod 32 and possibly a "fix" for it it is free for life it is ultra fast and it doesnt slow your system down at all