Frame repair after crash


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I am a new user of this forum and hope to get some information about repairing a 1985 Yamaha 2 stroke G1A3.
The kids let it roll backwards down a big hill in the woods. It was stopped from a swim in the lake by a big tree. There was a steel cargo box mounted on the rear that struck the tree. The damage to the cowl has been repaired.
The problem is that the tubular frame has been bent enough so that the gas cap binds on the oil reservoir and the rear tire rubs on the fender well. The rear cowling now only touches the frame in the front floor and at the hinge pins.
Is there a way to unbend the frame without weakening it?
Any advice will be appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply!
I don't have access to a porta-power. I think I can wedge (maybe chain) a long pry bar in place and try it that way. The tubes are bent just enough so that the paint on one is flaked off a little - but not real bad. I guess if it seems worse or weaker after I try that - I could probably have a brace welded in place to strengthen it.
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You could chain the front to a tree and then pull on the corner that was hit with chains and a high lift jack or come along chained to another tree. That way you will be trying to stretch it back out. It might work.


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Two Trees And A Comealong In Indiana We Call That A Frame Rack

But Seriously Ive Done That Before On A Bumper That Got Pushed In Worked Great