Four Wheel Drive Golf Cart Market - 4WD


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Do you guys think that there is a market for a four wheel drive 4WD coversion for golf carts? Full mechanical no electric motor in the front.


I would think there would be a market. It all depends of the cost, reliability, how it effects runtime, etc.


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Something like this?

Club Car Electric 4x4 kit includes: 14 HP motor
(Rear Lift Kit , Controller ordered separately)


1. A &A1 - right and left strut assemblies
2. B – Frame
3. C – Differential
4. D – Right angle gearbox
5. E – Rear Drive Shaft
6. F – Front Drive Shaft
7. G – Sprocket, large 40 tooth (#35 double)
8. H – Right Angle Gearbox Mounting Bracket (Kawasaki or Grazanio Rear Axel)
9. J – Hub Cap
10. K – Chain #35 double
11. M – Halfshafts, are interchangeable and work on either side
12. N – Sprocket, Small 16 tooth (#35 double)
13. O – Master link (#35 double)
14. P – Front Drive Shaft mounting bracket assembly with bearing
15. Q – A-Arms
16. R – Upper strut bearing
17. S – Strut Frame and Support Straps
18. T- Lighted On/Off switch
19. U – Rear Lift Brackets
20. V – Wire, 20 feet
21. W – Wheel Hubs
22. X – Steering Rack
23. Y – Steering Rack Bracket Kit
24. Z – Steering Shaft Extension
25. B2 – High Torque Motor
26. C3 – High Output Controller
27. E5 – Heavy Duty Springs



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That's a differential, not a motor in the front. There are very few kits available. As long as your competetively priced and the quality is there, you should do well. :hattip:


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BadBoyBuggies is now all made in China and they have a bad reputation ever since they went Chinese...


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Looking at all the pics and videos on the Stealth 4x4 site and the pic I posted above. They sure look like the same parts to my untrained eye. Nothing against Stealth, but why buy from them when you can put it together yourself?


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well my dad found a 700r polaris 4wheeler and has everything mocked up to get an idea for parts and brackets. ill take pics and post them next week.


Those kits do not hold up but are ok if you don`t beat on them.

I have used front jeep axles (cj-5 or older willys) narrowed and I turn the golf cart rear end into the transfer case.(also narrowed keeping the brakes). You need a 4cycle diff for reverse.

You can also use 4x4 rear diffs from toro fairway units with hydraulic steering.

I use older power steering pumps for all the hydraulics.

I built one in 1992. I was abit ahead of my time with that one.

The yamaha G-8 body works the best for lifted carts of this type.
Related to this topic. I was training a person the other day at a company I do work at and we started to talk about our intrests. I said I had a couple of carts. He said I have something you would be intrested in. A 4 wheel drive cart, It is built but the 4 wd is not yet hooked up yet. We talked and this is what he has.
1997 Club car
-Imag ENG 4WD Kit
-8 6 Volt Crown Batteries-3 year old
-D&D high torque motor
-Alltrax 450 or 500 amp controller
-Aftermarket heavy duty FWD/REV switch with solenoid.
-All 2Gauge welding cable
-Schanmaker 48V computerized charger.
I asked him what he wanted for it and he said make me a offer. I asked if He had some idea And again he said make a offer. I am thinking about buying it, Finishing it, using it and maybe reselling it? I do not do much with electirc carts but guessing that he has about 4500-5000 invested into it. Sound close? Was thinking about offering 2000-2300 for it. What do you guys think it would be worth finished? I am from Michigan and was thinking it would be easy to sell as a deer hunting cart.


Stealth products do out perform Bad Boy Buggies, Better engineering and parts design, 72 volts with 2 gear options, shift on the fly 4X4. Only thing they need to do is price it where someone doesn't need to win lottery so they can purchase it. Results still out on the Hybrid, onboard charger doesnt do a finish charge, Wiring harness and connector for off board charger has to be installed. They will get it figured out ! Americans always do! :usa: