Found out how to get more clearance.....

I have a 07 CC precedent, I have a Jakes 6" , 12 in wheels. My leafs are pretty much flat and I happen to come across some DS ones. Side by side the DS ones are way higher. The front are a easy swap but the rear are going to have to have some work since the center pin is a little different. Looks like I will have to put a inch an qtr spacer in front also. The rear will sit a little higher then front. in which will mess the drain of the top. Over all the cart will be about 3 in. higher then it is now.
So before I do all of this has anyone done the same and how is it, or is there another leaf thats a direct bolt beside stock Precedent that will get me more clearance, not looking to go a lot higher but if I can gain a little by this i'll go for it.