Forward Reverse Switch wiring connections


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I replaced the F/R switch on my 01' non-DCS EZGO (manf code L201), but it now goes forward in reverse and reverse in forward.
Do I likely have the power harness wires connected incorrectly, or does the problem more likely involve the wire connections to the micro switches?
I thought that I took great care to change the wire connections one at a time (like changing an automotive distributor cap- one plug wire at a time), but I must have reversed something.
I will review the R/F switch (direction selector) diagram in the Resources Section to verify connections.
In my first day, Cartaholics has already been a great resource for me, as I have been able to download the Owners, Service, and Parts manuals for my rig!
I bought my EZGO two years ago. I use it around my property on North Lake here in Hartland, WI. It's my second golf car. It's a stock golf course unit, but with a cargo box and Crager caps. It has a decent set of Trojans that came with it. I change wire sets every year after cleaning the battery tops and posts with baking soda and water slurry. I apply a coating of Sanchem's "No-Ox ID A Special" electrical contact grease on all battery connections. It's the best battery terminal grease that I have found, and I use it on my vehicles/toys.
Thanks again for the great resources. If anyone can point me in the right direction with the F/R switch connections, I would greatly appreciate it!
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if all was ok before hand than yes somehow you reversed happens......even doing 1 at a time don,t ask me how but it does........................................


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It sounds like you reversed two of the large cables on the f/r switch. Remember when looking at the wiring diagram that the A terminal is on the bottom like this.



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I figured it out! When I installed the F/R switch, I disassembled the linkage and reassembled it with the arm on the handle side facing downward. I found the correct orientation by consulting the switch diagram in the manual found in Resources Section. With linkage assembled correctly all is well with forward and reverse.
Another problem persists with the F/R switch, or connections. The small wire spade connections on the micro switches on the F/R switch seem to be prone to becoming loose. Even after gently squeezing with pliers then reconnecting, I had to fiddle with them to get the cart to go after final assembly. It runs great now. I did apply some electrical grease to those connections, and perhaps that was not the right thing to do. Or, maybe I have a loose connection somewhere else. When it did act up, I could still hear the solenoid clicking on the controller so I know it's not the key switch. I did replace the F/R switch, as I thought the old one which was stiff and corroded was the culprit. Any ideas?


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My EZGO has been running great since replacement of F/R switch. All connections are now secure.
Thank you for the replies, and for the various manual PDFs for my cart retrieved from the Resource Center. I was able to save some dough, and get to know better the details of how my cart works.
This site rocks!