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How do you like the little changes?

  • I like it.

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  • Put it back the way it was.

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Overworked, underpaid :o) R.I.P.
How do YOU like the little changes so far?
For now, just:
1) I like it.
2) Put it back to the way it was.
Thanks! :cool:


Some color changes and a few little changes on the menus. If your color blind you probably won't notice. Their is one change that should be noticeable, we'll see if anyone figures it out..

I have to keep Keyguy busy LOL.. :D


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Is this it? The man driving the cart looks different. Is it that you HRC?



The logo has changed but the cart and driver are the same. LOL... I'm looking into changing the cart in the logo to something else but haven't found anything I like. So for now the cart will stay.


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Well, I can't find the Auctions anymore, but then again, it may have closed down a while ago.

And we have a few new sponsors!


If you've done ad or main picture changes, well, I'm not gonna see them. I hope my blocking the ads doesn't hurt your revenue :D


Nothing was changed with the ads. This site gets no money for the ads that are here right now its more of a friendly thing. And also they supply links to Cartaholics on their sites.


Its all coming together quite nicely on this site from what i see here. I have pics on discs etc. that i need to get together and get them posted. Wass tried to show me the way, but i missed something , i will get my act together.. Later John


Overworked, underpaid :o) R.I.P.
That's 1, keen observation BTTB! :)
Welcome to the forum. :)
I noticed you've been registered a little while but hadn't posted, sometimes the first post is the hardest but now you're there... :thumbsup:

Jimmy B.


Tires, i am tired of looking at tires. You know what tires cost for these things. LOL Jon. I should add what a nice set of rims cost, whatever the cost, once you are bitten by the cart bug money is no object just ask my wife. Talking my crap here if she knew what this stuff cost she would have the big one, and my butt too.