Ford Th!nk repair help!


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I have a Ford Think NEV that is not working. I've had it plugged in but the batteries do not seem to be getting much of a charge. The charging plug icon won't even appear on the screen when it's plugged in. I got a single battery charger for those batteries and in about an hour, I can get each of those batteries close to 12 v, but it still won't turn on. I know the onboard charger needs 40v to work, and it obviously has that because when you plug it in, it hums, but it doesn't show the charging icon on the display. Anyway, I've proven that the batteries can hold something by using my seperate battery charger. Though, it still wouldn't kick on, but I think the batteries may have been reading 10 ~ 12 v but probably under a load were not fully charged, so that may be why. Being that the plug icon doesn't come on the cluster when its plugged in, would you say that's the cluster? Or do you think it is a battery issue? Or better yet, if you're not sure, do you know of anyone who would work on this? Any ford dealers? Golf cart companies? Anyone? I'm in the Pittsburgh area. Nothing gets power by the way. When I had all the batteries reading 10 ~ 12v from individualy charging, the horn wouldn't work, brake lights wouldn't come on, I checked the fuses and the kill switch... Nothing. Any clue what to do? I need to get this working for summer. I have a feeling this repair may take a chunk out of my wallet, but I'd like to get it working. Any idea of what to do or where to turn? Thanks guys!


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The Ford Think was a cool looking cart brought out in the late 1990's and discontinued in early 2000. When they run well they're a great little car.
The Ford Think was one of a group of products that were introduced in the energy credit days. GM introduced the Pathway and Chrysler did the GEM car at the same time.
They are a bit of a headache to work on with lots of electrical issues with the main one being the cluster constantly going bad. Parts are getting really hard to find and no golf cart company that I know willingly wants to work on them.
Not to burst your balloon here but unless you are married to this cart I would fix it and off it.
You could try your Ford dealer for parts but they may just laugh.
You could also try our sponsors, they might surprise you, call them.
The only place I know that you can get parts from is here:
There may be more but you'll have to search for them.


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First i would inspect the connector from the charger to the car harness. The pin connectors like to burn off inside the connector. The charger will disable the car when charging and if the charger cannot tell the main panel to run it won't .

I also have wiring diagrams if you need them