Ford Bronco "woody"


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What did this cart start as? I thought you mentioned it was an 80s ezgo marathon but I noticed you mentioned it had an aluminum frame and fiberglass body . I may be wrong but I don't think the marathon had an aluminum frame and i know it never came with a fiberglass body. It was always steel. I would love something similar for my marathon but I'm a chevy fan more than Ford so I would personally prefer a blazer over a bronco. Sweet build. đź‘Ś



I don't know for certain what it is. It had this hideous homemade body on it. The panel under the dash was metal and the panel under the seat also metal. It had a plastic or fiberglass tub to hold clubs. Those were the only original body parts. The rest of the body very likely was metal as you say.


This tag was on the panel under the dash:

And this on the motor:

Golf Car Systems Clearwater FL sells EZ-GO today. It's possible that they had carts made for them back in the day by EZ-GO with their tag and serial numbers.

I have a Service/Parts Manual and Owner's Operation and Service Manual on pdf for 86-87 EZ-GO carts, and they match my cart. I also purchased many parts using part numbers from those manuals and they fit.

The frame is definitely aluminum (non-magnetic).