Ford Bronco "woody"


It's been quite a while since my last post, but I have been working on this project off an on between other projects. Getting things done but more slowly. The most time has been spent on wiring.

I added a universal motorcycle brake light switch.
brake switch.jpg

I installed a 12v converter and a relay to power it when the key switch is turned on. In addition to powering the lighting, which is all LEDs, it will power a stereo of some kind later.

All wiring is enclosed in wire loom and secured with clamps and zip ties.
wire loom.jpg

The lighting system is fully functional with stop, turn signal, parking ,emergency flasher, and of course head lights.
turn signal lever.jpg


I haven't decided on wheels. I have a 4" lowering kit yet to be installed, so I will be going with larger wheels and tires. My initial thought was to make a wood version of the hub caps like the '66 model. But I may go with custom wheels.

I finished the front part of the floorboard and the "firewall". (The panel for the headlight switch and key is temporary while I decide what to do for a dash panel.)

Also completed and installed the front bumper.
bumper front.jpg


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
It is very-very cool indeed; I suspect it is heavy? How does it preform, is it stock other than the coolness?


I weighed the body panels before installing them and they totaled about 120 lbs - less than an adult passenger. I don't know what the stock fiberglass body weighs. I would guess that a fiberglass Bronco body would be in the ballpark. It is all stock underneath - you can see in the photos that I posted - although everything has been refurbished and many new parts such as shocks, brakes, brake cables, ball joints, and all wiring. I do have a 4" lift kit that I will be installing, along with bigger wheels and tires. It runs at 12 mph right now; it should be 14-15 with the larger wheels and tires. I was not after speed on this build. Although not strictly legal, many people cruise the neighborhood here in Florida in their carts; that is what I intended with this build.


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That is pretty amazing If I did this it would look like a wooden crate and not square
in other words a piece of crap


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
120 - that is pretty amazing, I am a hobby woodworker and would have guessed much heaver than that. You sir, are good - hats off to you.