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Hello guys,

First things first, I don't want this to seem like I'm knockin BU!! I wanted to let any of you guys that are dealers or looking for alternate sources, know of a couple of companies that can help.

Before I dive right in and mention them, I need to let you know a few things. From the standpoint of a dealer (I'm not... just work there) its not very cost effiecient to buy from BU. For whatever reason, BU doesn't offer a dealer price so what you guys buy online we buy for the same price. That means for us, we need to sell them even higher. I'm pretty sure they do this because they want to target individual buyers anyway. So, I thought I would let you all know about a couple of places that allow you to resell the product for less than what the total cost from BU is.

Oh, yes... these companies carry everything that BU does, and more... rear conversions, seats, tops, lifts, ect.... If you are wondering, no I don't get anything for any type of reference or whatnot. The only reason you might need some help from me would be for telephone numbers to set up a dealer account (no its not a pre pay account... just your info). If you all ready know of these companies I'm sorry......

Cart Parts
Tampa G
(seat covers) Red Dot (not impressed with other acc. quality though)
IMC (they carry some NLA parts)
Fairway Alloys (sweet ass wheels -- can get for your car too)

There are some others, but those cover everything that BU carries. The best thing about them is that they have dealer prices... and with shipping they are still cheaper..... Example Billet Aluminum choke plate from BU is about 8 bucks more expensive than from Stentens (catch is that is 8 bucks cheaper than what you bought it for, you still have to mark BU's up more for sale).

So, if you need any help, let me know and I can get contact info for you

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So are you saying you have to be a dealrer to by from them? How do you become a dealer? Can I become a dealer so I can get parts at dealer price and maybe do some reselling?


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Does anyone know what is involved in becoming a "dealer"? If its a business license then thats no big issue, a one page application, $75, and a quick vote at a city council meeting and the city where I live gives you the license. But I'm sure thats not all there is to the golf cart dealer thing.


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First thanks for the mention. I know this is a very old thread but I just joined this forum recently so if anyone finds this at least they will have some additional info.

We encounter this often at Stenten’s were our dealers order from BU without realizing that we offer the same parts and accessories at a better discount. Yes you have to be a dealer to order parts and accessories from us but that does not mean you have to be an EZGO or Club Car distributor. When the term “dealer” is used it tends to confuse some people. Since this industry is similar to the automotive industry people tend to use the same terms. Basically a “dealer” is a legitimate business owner. Someone who buys carts, repairs and modifies them for resale. A large majority of our dealers have showrooms and have a large number of carts on hand but other dealers have only 1 or 2 carts on hand and mostly only repair customers’ carts, every business is unique.

However, we would not do business with individuals who apply for a business license simply to save on a few parts for their cart. To avoid this we have a simple vetting process were basically we have a 20~30 min conversation about your business needs and the type of products/accessories the dealer is currently in need of.

If interested feel free to contact us

[email protected]
800 541 8333


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Nivel owns BU and EC and have purchased many of the manufactures of the parts that they offer. It's hard to compete with the wholesale company that supplies your parts. Whats next? Buy up all the shops that are providing the maintenance and monopolize the entire market?