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OK guy's I have a offer for everyone. I need to sale 2 of my carts so I can afford to keep doing what I love to do. Both carts will come with chargers and some other stuff. I'm going to sale the Mud Buggie and the 2000. Both of these carts have alltrax controllers.
Mud Buggie has a 48 -72 volts 450 amp programable alltrax controller. D&D high torque motor built for 72 volts. It has been tested and it's got some history behind it also, the buggiesunlimited Bonanza. It has a 96 volt albright contactor. It has lights also. Wheels and tires may be swaped before the sale if interested in some other kind of combo.
I want $5500.00 for both of them.

Next up is the 2000 Fleet Ezgo with PQ motor, 48 volt 400 amp controller non programable with heavy duty contactor all new stuff. This cart runs 29MPH as it sits. It has radio/CD with electric antenna. The top will come with it and windsheild. New 48 volt charger. Carbon fiber dash.


That's right both carts. The Mud buggie runs 25MPH as it sits. If someone buys the pair they are going to get a lot of extra stuff with this deal also. But both have to go asap. This is a one time chance to get 2 very nice carts with a lot of mods to each of them.


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Dang it Andy. That just sucks. I hate that you have to sale the mud buggie. But I do understand. But guys, when Andy says that this cart comes with history. Huh!!!!! He dont know the half of it. This cart was built ahead or it's time. Andy has left his mark in our world of modified golf carts with this one. The mud buggie was the first cart to have dual tires on the back side. It was one of only four carts at that time to wheel stand under it's own power, on flat ground & from a dead start. It was not the first high voltage cart. But it was the first 72-volt cart to show up at a bonanaz. And dang did it put on a show


Thanks GB,
I hate to see it go but if I want to keep playing with this new cart it has to go and it has to go Asap. I have good reasons why they most go but can't say until I have these 2 carts gone.