Flooded vs AGM vs Gel Batteries


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I am a somewhat familiar with batteries – but am curious about the real differences between flooded lead acid, AGM and Gel batteries. I have heard mixed thoughts on each. Does anyone have any real experience using all 3, or 2 of these? I’m trying to understand if the maintenance free aspect of the AGM and Gel batteries are worth the extra cost over flooded. I have also heard different opinions regarding how well/deep the AGM and Gel batteries cycle compared to flooded. Any insight/experience would be great!


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I've never used GEL or AGM batteries in a golf cart but I know a few people who have tried them. The longest I've heard of the Gel batteries lasting in a golf cart was 2 years, most lasted 1 year or less. You would also need a different charger I believe. Ruff & Tuff was using Gel batteries in their carts and had so many problems they switched to AGM. The specs on their carts state 30 miles per charge so I really don't see any benefit with the AGM batteries. In my opinion the flooded lead acid batteries are the best bang for the buck in a golf cart...