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So I did some number crunching

My roof rack frame will be approximately 38ft of pipe, so let's round that off to 40

  • 1/8 WT is 1.5 lbs./ft = 60 lbs.
  • 12ga is 1.04 lbs./ft = 42 lbs.
  • 16ga is .87 lbs/ft = 35 lbs.
I will also be welding on accessories, not sure how much additional weight that will be; but regardless, it will be the same with whichever pipe I go with. Also consider if I am having four men and 200 pounds of ammo and stuff for a shoot too.

What is everyone's thoughts on which I should go with?


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Funny, a guy built me one but I'm sure I want it on because of the weight. It'd be like adding the weight of another man. So, that leads me into a question...will a 150 - 200 pound roll cage, affect the performance the same as a person of the same weight, I would presume it would. My brains says when I do have 4 guys on, it'd be like having 5 guys - am I thinking correctly? Will it effect climbing hills? Will it effect the handling, making it more top heavy? Is any of it a big deal?
What did he build it out of? Seems a bit heavy for a golf cart cage, but it would be good for more than one roll.


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1-5/16 pipe 1/8th inch wall. It's HD, that's for sure. But I did over exaggerate a lot. It seemed a lot heaver as I handled each piece individually. :duh:. But I am adding to what the frame is and I was also thinking of all that when my mind wondered. I will be adding 4 gun racks and 2 fishing rod holders - but still not 150 pounds. I was dumb.


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Golf carts don't come with seat belts because in the event of a rollover the factory top is not ROPS approved. Meaning it will crush. The idea is that the occupants will be thrown from the vehicle instead of tied to it. This was info from a 20 year employee with one of the big 3. Lord willing what happened with your cart was a one time deal. :hattip:


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Would wheel spacers have helped? I like the look of 1 in. spacers. :dazed:
Probably not, I guess no way to know; but, it was a combination of mud, drifting the rear-end, and hitting the side of a pond dam at full throttle. Like dirty says "...one time deal." But it does give me pause about the whole roof deal and not just a windshield frame. Would they have been able to clear themselves of the cart if it had a roof? :dazed: