Flip-Flop Rear Seat Kit for Club Car/EZGO/Yamaha


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Flip-Flop Rear Seat Kit for Club Car/EZGO/Yamaha

Bu#AC22850749 (Club)

Bu#AC67453594 (Ezgo)


Stats- Rear Flip-flop rear seat in tan or white.

Review- This is just a simple flip-flop rear seat. It has no eye candy like some of the others with the polished look. It still is a very dependable and sturdy rear seat. It does not rattle when going over some serious bumps which some others do. It has a metal foot support. One of the draw backs is the plastic bed contructions, but its still sturdy and so far I have had not worries about breaking it.


Rating 8/10

club car man

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I forget where I heard it at, but I heard that someone had trouble gettin there's on because of the lift. Not sure where I heard it though and kinda stopped me from wantin on.


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unless they don't send rear struts for top then it takes a little longer! from 1 to 10 I give it a 7 on it. (1= easy 10 hard )