Flickering computer monitor


The flicker/shimmer of my monitor is driving me crazy if I don't look straight at the screen. Is there anyway to change the refresh rate? I tried Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Monitor but didn't see the drop down box to select a higher frequency on this computer. My other one has it though and 85 Hz is much easier on my eyes. Anybody else bothered by flicker? I notice the TV and some fluorescent lights doing it.


What kind of monitor? Is it a CRT with a picture tube or LCD? If it's a CRT go to the manufactures website and download the driver for the monitor and try that. Also check the video card website and download the latest driver. You can also look on the monitor and video card websites and see what refresh rates both can handle. Don't try to run a higher refresh rate than the monitor can handle Chances are if your seeing flicker in other stuff in the house it's a electrical problem with the house. Is something running that draws a lot of power, like AC?