Fitting new clutch, engine


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I am putting a Honda v-twin in my Yammy G16, and a Comet 94C clutch on . When I slide the clutch on the 1" shaft (without the key in the slot), it goes all the way to the engine block and rubs. Is there some kind of bushing, spacer, or shim that should go on the shaft between the engine and clutch or will the the key hold the clutch in the proper position? Thanks.


I believe you need a spacer behind the clutch. Frank (WalkNTall) from Alpha Carts or Tom At CartPartsPlus should be able to tell you exactly what you need and where to get it. Or you could contact Comet. I know some have made their own...


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It rubs the engine block? There should be a small shoulder on the shaft next to the block to keep it from doing that. If there is a shoulder and it still touches the block you can buy a fancy spacer made from DOM tubing or just get a 1" id flat washer and use that.