First Project Golf Cart 2000 Club Car 48 Volt


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Greetings all. A few weeks ago I purchased a 2000 Club Car 48 Volt from an area course that had just closed for my first golf cart project. The cart was in great running condition with normal wear on the body and had batteries that were a year old. At an asking price around $1,300 I felt I was getting a fair price.

Although the cart would have served the purpose for playing golf and taking rides around the neighborhood with the family I decided to recruit some friends and give the cart an overhaul. I also found this site (which is outstanding) and some great information before starting the project.

This past Monday night I began by taking the body off and started cleaning the cart. Yesterday afternoon everyone arrived and we got to work. Within 6 hours the cart got the following:

1) New blue body
2) Newer styled seats
3) Newer styled roof
4) New aluminum wheels with low profile tires
5) Lights (no turn signal or horn)
6) Battery meter gauge
7) Volt reducer & additional 12 volt outlet in the dash
8) Diamond plated floor and sidepanels
9) Diamond plated front and rear bumpers

There are a few additions here and there (windshield, mirror) left to do but I am calling the project complete for the time being. It was certainly great to take it to the course today but it was even better to enjoy that time with my wife and 15 month old daughter.


Your cart looks great, nice job. First time i have seen that style bumper, where did ya buy em.