Firefox and Post Tags Problems Fixed


Last night I was doing some testing here and found that the BBCODE and tags didn't work right with firefox. I'm not sure how long they weren't working but they should be fine now. I did a complete rewrite of the java script for the smilies and tags for (bold, color. IMG, etc.)

Hopefully I didn't break anything in the process. If you notice any problems with any browser PLEASE let me know.



I use fire fox and noticed that the smilies would never go where my cursor was but they would always go to the end of my posts. I would manually put them in where I wanted them. Now they go where I put the cursor


I figured that out last night lol... None of the tags were working right. Every time you clicked any of them the cursor would jump to the end of the text in the post. I know a lot of people use firefox and that may be why a lot of people sign up here and never post much.

I don't know much about java but after ripping my hair out for about 10 hours last night I think I have the tags working in all browsers. If you notice anything not working correctly let me know...