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I have for sale a custom fabricated Fire Department Utility cart. This utility cart has alot of new parts on it and only the best of the best went into this cart. The folding medical bed is set up to hold a stokes basket. Let me know if you have any questions or give me a call , thanks.
Mike 815-388-2672
Dont bother low ballers !! to much fabrication time on Folding medical utility bed.
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Seats 3 w/ 1 laying down total carries 4 people

Fire truck seating

Folding Gurnee bed That holds a stokes basket or stretcher

Folding step

Bed is made out of solid steel then diamond plated on the outside

Bed light

Brand new 6" a arm lift kit/ No tire rub

Brand new 850lbs rated rear suspension

Brand new starter/ generator

Brand new 12" ITP Heavy duty wheels

Brand new 4 ply 23 1/2 " tires

Brand new interior and wood

Brand new dash kit/ w locking glove box

Brand new front LED red and blue police lights

Brand new LED Red and Blue rear police lights

Brand new siren w/ 6 diff siren modes, PA, horn, emergency light switches

Brand new front and rear LED strobes / white

Brand new red and white LED light bar

Brand new bed lights LED / white

Brand new fire truck red paint job

Brand new pin stripping

Brand new fold down tinted windshield

Brand new billetbillitbillet steering wheel

Brand new Billit steering colom and wheel adapter

Brand new painted roof

Brand new chrome head and tail lights w/ opt turn signals

Custom fabricated BLS= Basic life support diamond plated utility bed (bed 175 lbs)

Please let me know if you have any questions thanks.

815-388-2672 or pm me

NOTE : Emergency lights on cart are red,blue and white

Lights and siren videos
6995.00 obo



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i agree, i'm thinkin' garagebuilt and the plum quick boys could put that cart to work.


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Very cool cart! Great fabrication!
I'm guessing it's a wheelie machine unless the checker plate box on the front has a bunch of weight in it to keep the front wheels on the ground.


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Thanks, I tested it with 300 lb neighbor and my 225lb self in the back seemed to do good with one of my buddies driving, no wheelies Yea have some weight in front and also houses Fire Truck siren, just could not figure out were to put the golf clubs !!!