Finished Project -- '98 EZGO gas


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Finally Finished My Projext -- I bought this 1998 EZGO off of Ebay, drove 700 miles round trip to get it, survived my wifey's glaring stares every time I went to the garage to work on it, and now have a happy wife and fun ride to putter around my town.

After tearing it apart, I painted it with Rustoleum in a Canary Yellow:

Cleaned everything, put in a 5" dropped axle lift, wired it up, had my local uhpolstery guy redo the seats, and put on some 12" rims.
Finished product:

As you can see, I added a light bar I had laying around; should come in handy for parades
The dash with six rocker switches and radio installed:
Rear third brake light, I wired the cargo light to light up when I put the cart in reverse:

Instead of the platic liner going back in, I used spray-in bed liner

Now for some mods for better torque/top end. Any suggestions that are commonplace and don't break the bank?


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very nice, i would start with a upgrade spring in the drive clutch. its stiffer and raises the rpms slighty to bring the engine closer to its power band on take off. cheap and easy to install, the 28 degree driven clutch helps with the torque.