Finally Got One Of My Harley Davidson Golf Cart Running

Don B.

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I finally got one of my Harley Davidson golf carts running; it took piles of "little" parts from Vintage Carts, plus our own O.C.F, (old cart fart) and a member of other forum, to get all I have needed, to see this thing run;
I drove it around the neighborhood for the 1st time yesterday; ran almost a gallon out of it though!
today I loaded it onto my utility trailer and took it to the gas station to fill it up (yeah I remembered the oil mix) and had a guy basically begging me to sell;
There was another guy with his wife on a Harley bike there; I yelled out to him something about "I got a Harley too"; the bike owner said something about "having one of those in the garage too"; and I was gonna start asking him what it was, (gas or elec, 3 or 4 wheel, running or not, for sale, etc etc) and some other guy came out, and said there was "no way" as Harley never built anything like that; then asked if it ran; I started it up; "that don't SOUND like any harley I have ever heard" as they all start walking over to my truck/trailer; I popped the body up and showed him the engine; and the Serial tag; and where it said "AMF/Harley Davidson"; he was surprised, to say the least.
he asked to hear it run again; and then started asking me all kinds of questions;
including "how much"; I told him that I was probably shorting myself (I figured it out once home, yeah I did) but I couldn't take anything lower than $600 as it sits, as that's about what I have "into" it ; and started telling him what I pd for it,, what it cost me in gas to go the 300 mile round trip to get it, and "some" of the parts cost (I did forget a couple of items, when "put on the spot")
I told him that I got it to "use"; and that I was filling it with gas to take to an antique tractor/thershermen show tomorrow; he asked if I was taking it there to sell; I said "not particularly"; I have a bum knee---and last year, this show about killed me, with all the walking; He asked for my number and "best time to call"
he then gave it another once over, and says he's gonna call this week sometime; (I'm thinking--yeah right")
Now that I have gotten this one running, and have had some "hands on" time with it, I think I have seen what I needed to see, as far as putting my 73 back together, which was the whole reason I got this one to begin with;

and then it gets really weird/crazy; My wife was kinda PO'd, when I brought this cart home, with what I paid both for the cart, and the gas it cost to run my old 3/4 ton truck up there and back; as I already have a garage full of unfinished projects (an old car, several mowers/tractors and more) I hesitated on telling her how much I paid for it, til I had it running..... (which was about a month-6 weeks or so after I brought it home)
I told her about tonight's gas station encounter, and she said "You DIDN'T sell it, did you"? and seemed glad that I didn't....... for how upset as she was that I'd "spent the money" on "another project"; I'd have figured she'd be pizzed that I "didn't" sell; but had I sold it, I'd have been looking for "something else to play with" at the tractor show, with the $$ I got from it....... I cant promise I still wont bring "something else" home, anyway.

once I have TWO running, then I'm sure she'll do like she did when I got my 2nd zero turn mower running and working.... "OK which one's for sale; you don't need 2 of them"...... and I wound up selling the 2nd mower, a little prematurely.
so this one ain't for sale--yet anyway-- at least til I get the 73 running, and the body from the (engine-less) '78 swapped over to the '73; then I'll think about it......


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I restored a 66 a few yrs back and tried to sell it and had zero offers, i listed it on e-bay and put a 2,500 price on it. :rotflmao: After three weeks it sold to a fella in California, he asked if i would strap it to skid and he sent a trucking company to pick it up. so there worth some money to the right guy or Girl :thumbsup:

Don B.

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It was nice having the cart today at the tractor show, I got over to the "other side" of the lot this year unlike last year; where they had the old iron actually "working the land"; got a few "looks" (there were tons of carts and Gators I didn't see another Harley) but afterwards we decided to take a ride to find my buddy's new house since he moved earlier this year and we were over 1/2 way there; at a gas stop in the Middle of Nowhere, Indiana, I had a guy start asking me abunch about it....
Admission to the show was $30; $10/ea for the wife and I and another $10 "cart fee"....