Finally 100+ MPH In The Golf Cart


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Today was a gorgeous day at Ozark Raceway Park and finally made a 100+ MPH pass in the golf cart. Didn't take long to figure out that the new battery pack has a ton more power than we've ever had. I had it turned WAY down to start....or so I thought. 1500 amps, 140 volts. We normally ran 2000 amps and 190 volts. 7.02 @ 98.27 right off the trailer. Really soft launch but it was hauling on the big end. I got too greedy on pass #2 Amps to 1800, volts to 150. It was on an incredible pass but flashed over the brushes about 400 feet. I coasted through the 1/8th mile at 6.76 @ 83.94. 4 brushes damaged. No damage to the comm.

I changed the brushes and had Cheryl hold the throttle while I applied pressure with a dowel to get the new brushes run in. I turned it back down to 1500 amps and 140 volts where I began. Ran 6.92 @ 99.14. Added a bit more for the next pass. 1600 amps and kept the voltage at 140. That resulted in a 6.75 @ 99.84. Almost painful. That was the 5th pass we've made over 99 without getting to 100.

1650 amps and 145 volts for pass number 5. We headed to the lanes when they were calling 5 minutes before they were closing. Once again about 400 feet I felt it flashover but it just popped and kept on pulling so I stayed in it. It popped again right in the lights. I can't hear the announcer but the safety guy at the big end came over and stuck out his hand to shake mine. 6.67 @ 101.81!! Finally after 3 years of trying and lots of dollars and a mountain of work.

For the record...

I don't put any faith in this sort of thing but this was fun that this was in my fortune cookie after last nights Chinese food. Probably the only time a fortune cookie fortune ever actually happened to me. lol...

We'll be submitting the time slip for induction into the NEDRA's Roger Hedlund 100 mph club.