Fiat Jolly Golf Cart Project


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
another extreme project... i have a customer that wants a golf cart to look like the Fiat Jolly

to same time i m look for old cart that look close to the fiat and i can add and change things...

so i figured i would post here for some ideas of bodies to start with

here are a few pics of what the jolly looks like...

give me some ideas...





Cartaholic - R.I.P.
well we got an email and a phone from a company in England that has done a golf cart version of this and has parts bodies and complete carts

here is a pic of there finish product... they used a yamaha chassis




Cartaholic - R.I.P.
I know a guy who Winters in AZ that took a Renault body and put on his cart. Sectioned the hood and what not. Added some sectioned rear quarter panels on the back. I think it had a sectioned trunk lid. It turned out excellent. I will take some pictures when I return AZ. But that will be a few months. It is so damn nice. Painted red and you would swear that Roger Rabbit parked it on the side of the road.
You could do the same with any small car body. The Renault is especially good because the head lights are mounted in the hood.