Fender Flares


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Fender Flares (Club Car tested)

BU#FNFCC2SETKIT (1993 - 2005 DS CC)
BU#FNFEZ9SETKIT ( EZGO TXT 1994 - Present Models)
BU#FNFYA3SETKIT (Yamaha G14/G16/G19/G21/G22 1995 - Present)

Stats- Front and Rear side fender flares in black

Review- These are pretty simple product. They do their purpose and it is to catch the mud/water from slinging all over the place. They do not take much work to install all you need is a drill and some bits. One problem I ran into was the bottom bolts on my cart had to go thru some 1/4 aluminum supprt pieces and the bolts they supply are just not long enough to make it thru and grip the lock nut. So you just have to go to a hardware store (I found at lows) some matching bolts that are long enough.


Rating 10/10