Feasibility of Putting 2013 Zero Electric Motorcycle Parts into a Cart


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I have a 2013 Zero Electric motorcycle.
I have a family now, and a performance golf cart might be more fun.
I've been looking into getting a used cart, and putting the motorcycle parts in.
What will I need to consider when it comes to mounting the motor?
Are there any carts that would be easier to convert than others?

Motorcycle Part Specs:


Hard part is attaching motor to golf cart transaxle. Does it has enough power to propel cart is another question, Most carts are 12 : 1 ratio and weight 700-900 pounds


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The specs that im looking at indicate its got plenty of power; on a motorcycle its belt driven; but I can't find the specs for the current spool ratio.
68 ft-lb (92 Nm)
54 hp (40 kW) @ 4,300 rpm

Here is some text from a cheap third party knockoff of my motor:
The ME1507 is an Radial Air Gap, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with an Internal Permanent Magnet Rotor (IPM). Designed for battery pack voltages of 100 VDC or less. Maximum rotor speed of 6000 rpm. Continuous current of 160 Amps RMS, and continuous power of 14.5 kw. Weight of 44 pounds.



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Most all Gas carts are belt driven!!!!!!! you just need to figure out how to drive the transaxle with a belt or chain.