FE350D Different heads - Why?


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This is my first post with you all. I have read many others' posts and it appears that there is a lot of Knowledge here. Looking for help. I have only been involved with carts for about 6 months.

FE350 Crack.jpg

The above images refer to my question. The FE350D-AS27 head on the left appears to be a lower compression application. The other difference is that the AS27 has tappets not the hydraulic lifters that the AS11 has. Being it has tappets it also has adjustable rocker arms. This motor can be found it the 2009-2011 XRT800/810. The AS11 is a very common application in DS, Carryall, and Precedent models over many years. It appears that the only difference is the compression of head. This is marked in the second image.
A) Why would Club Car have a lower compression version? Was this for compliance for emissions?
B) Are these heads interchangeable? Components have the same part number.
C) Looking for some insight. The AS27 head that I have is cracked from the intake seat up through the spark plug hole. I have not had any luck finding a used one.

I am in search of a head for an FE350D


The head and some other parts on 2009 and up FE350 used in Club Car carts is different and I'm not sure what the differences are. I have only worked on the pre 2009 FE350 engines. Someone else will probably jump in and be able to give you some information on the differences and if the heads are interchangable. Welcome to Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum. :hattip: