FE350 or FE400 engine?


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We are working on aa '01 Club car Pioneer which supposedly has the FE350 engine.
The tag on the engine says:
Family ID. YKAXS. 3522CA
Displacement 352cc

Which i assume is the FE350 engine.
The piston however has been stamped 50mm on the top of it so the engine has been apart before.

does that mean we need to get 50mm over rings?

The club car dealer told us that the machine should have a fe400 engine which is just a fe350 with a factory overbore. Is this true?


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The Club Car Pioneer 900 comes stock with a 350cc and the Pioneer 1200 has a 400cc option available from Cub Car. The bore and stroke are different on the 350cc and the 400cc.